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Chefchaouen is a fanciful town in North-western Morocco. It has fantastic blue buildings with blue doors. Chefchaouen is located in the Rif Mountains; it is accessible from Tangier and Tetouan. Chaouen’s geography, nature, history, people, and buildings made it one of the top tourist attractions in Morocco.

The historical monuments around the town can tell you about the old history of the chaouen. The old medina, Roman Bridge, the Moorish Kasbah (fortress) which date back to 1471, the unique octagonal mosque minaret, and the Tariq bin Ziyad mosque in charrafat countryside, are waiting for you to explore.

The people of the city still preserve their ancestors’ customs, traditions and rituals through marriages, and organized shows and seasonal religious feasts and other festivals.

The countryside has gorgeous natural resorts such as forest of Fir trees and many outstanding nature sights to see as Toghoubite caves, waterfalls and spring of Rass Elma where you can see women washing their family clothes and furniture. The Chouen’s forest is a beautiful unique forest of Fir trees in North Africa, where you can see various kinds of animals. If you like adventures, the countryside offers you marvelous resort to spend an exotic holiday, and have exiting rough activities as hiking, shooting, and bicycling or motorcycling.



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