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Tafraoute is  a picturesque and quaint village.  Residents are friendly and live modest lives.  Ochre-red earthen homes with their white window frames dot the landscape of this quiet setting. During the celebration, all quiet is gone and the town becomes lively and filled with tourists and visitors from  all parts of  the world.  They have come to attend and celebrate the Almond Blossom Festival with tafraoute residents. 


As the almond producing capital of Morocco, the town of Tafraoute in the past had a small festival to celebrate the harvest and sell almond products. As time wore on,  the festival and beautiful blossoming surroundings of Tafraoute became popular. This event has grown from a local harvest celebration to a well-known festival globally. During the celebration there are numerous performances of local and regional folklore music, dances, and theatre. In addition to national performances, the international performers and musicians  are always in attendance at the annual Almond Blossom Festival.

The event is staged inside the site of old Roman ruins. During the day, the stage framed by blossoming almond trees create a calm atmosphere. When it becomes dark, the ruins are lit by stage light creating a vision that can be seen throughout the countryside.  Your excitement grows as musicians and dancers weave their way through the crowds, while storytellers ( and ancient Moroccan tradition) mesmerize you with Moroccan tales  that have been passed down through the centuries and are still spellbinding in the 21st century. Of course you will be hungry so head to the the market where you will find food to make you smile and satisfy your palate. Don't forget to have some Mint Tea and Almonds !

In 2013, Tafraoute/Valle Dei Tempi will be celebrating its Sixty-Seven Almond Blossom Festival. Make sure your visit to Morocco  includes this event - just one of the many must see celebrations in Morocco.

 Attend Amonds' tree blossom festival  in Tafroute town
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