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At the Valley of the Roses, the Rose feast  takes place annually in El Kelaa des M'Gouna every 15th-28th days of May. El Kelaa of M'Gouna is believed as the  capital of Rose in Morocco. Every May of each year, fields of roses are cropped in order to  produce natural, perfumed rose-water, rose-oil, and rose creams, which are very useful in perfumery and cosmetics.


El Kelaa sounds marvelous all year round, yet the best time to visit is in the midst of May when the rose farmers from the surrounding areas gather to celebrate the year's harvest. the harvest season  represents a workshop of love and peace, and the terminate celebrations of the harvesting season  are all the vivacious for it. The lively celebrations atmosphere  teem  with  numerous events such as folk music and dance, handicrafts exhibitions, and a  market stretches along the street. Both of women and men  are participating in performing folkloric music and dancing; they stand usually in two opposite lines while swaying and singing with the tones of music. As the echoes of music spread in the blue sky of the rosy meadows, the queen of rose elected. Camel treks and fantasia horse between different tribes of the region Also generate a fantastic sight.

Seasonal Rose  Harvest Festival, El Kelaa of M'Gouna, Morocco

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Aheydus performance at the roses festival

Elected Roses queen

Harvested Roses on a woman's henna-adorned hands