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Imodda group Merzouga

Rakba/roukba group, Zagora   
Folkor by  cheikh ahmed liyou at Berkane Morocco
Reggada folklore, Rif region north of Morocco 


Gaà Gaà  Ya zoubida, a very famous song in Morocco  

Atlas folklor by Maystro Moha ouhamo



These videos display examples of various sorts of folklore music and dance from different regions of Morocco.

Soussi Folklore by abdelatif azeki

Soussi Folklore, oudaden new clip 2011

Soussi Folklore by Raissa Aicha Tichinwit

Hassani Folklore by group of Fatima Mnat Aichata

Marrakech Folklore, Dakka Marrakechia

Hassani Folklore by Fatima Mnat Aichata


Tarab Andaloussi 
Soussi Folklore music and danc