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The food in Morocco is a cornucopia of flavors, smells, and textures. Unlike many African countries, Morocco's cuisine is influenced by it's many centuries of contact with other countries outside of Africa.  You will find dishes that reflect Berber, Turkish, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and the Portuguese culture to name a few.


Spices are the most important ingredient in Moroccan cuisine.  Many are imported but Saffron from the Tiliouine area, Olives from Meknes, Oranges and Lemons from Berkan and Fez, and of course good Cumin, Paprika, and Dates from the South-eastern Sahara oasis are found in every kitchen and most recipes  and are exported around the world.

Morocco is noted for several dishes among them, Pastilla, a savoury-sweet Moroccan meat pie made by filling a thin flaky pastry shell with a mixture of tender braised poultry, eggs, and fried almonds. Harira,  Morocco’s famous tomato and lentil soup;  fragrantly seasoned with ginger, pepper, and cinnamon, and also boasts a robust quantity of fresh herbs: cilantro, parsley, celery and onion. Tagine, a slow-cooked stew with meat and aromatic vegetables and sauce. Couscous,  a famous dish of semolina  served with meat or vegetable stew spooned over it. 

You must try them all !  And of course, a trip to Morocco is not complete until you have many glasses of Mint Tea, tajine and coscous. Watching the Tea prepared is a wonderful experience, something very Moroccan to enjoy.




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