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The climate of Morocco is moderate and subtropical, long beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, and High atlas mountains cool down the whole country. However, Morocco weather changes from Costal cities, to rif mountains, to interior cities, to Sahara. Winter in interior regions like Meknes and Fes can be fairly cold and the summer is very hot; in the Atlas Mountains temperatures can drop below zero and mountain peaks are snow-covered throughout from December to May the year. The winter in the north of the country is wet and rainy; while in the south and South-east Sahara, it is dry and bitterly cold. If you can't bear the heat, the best time to visit Morocco is between April and September and April.


Morocco has every variation in weather you can think of. Of course if you come in the summer; June, July, and August – Hot is what you will get but it's important to remember that humidity is very low even close to the coast and non existent closer to the desert. 


The countryside of Morocco is in full bloom during the last half of February through to the end of April. Think Rose Festival, Almond blossom festival, Atlass Mountains, Ifran all celebrating the rites of spring.  As in the summer, you will enjoy close to 12 hours of sunshine. Autumn is also a wonderful time to visit Morocco. The air is temperate again after the heat of the summer but the days are beginning to wain while the temperatures remain between 30F to 74F.  The winter in Morocco provides you with snow in the Atlas Mountains for sking, but it is also the rainy season around the Atlantic coast; Essauoira, Assila, chefchaouen, Rabat, Tangier Agadir, and Casablanca. It's safe to stay no matter what the weather presents you when you visit; Morocco will still embrace you with its magic.



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