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do you want to know what Moroccans' dress  and how they do get dressed?


 Are you interested in traditional Moroccan clothes?

Just fell free to ask if you have any question, we will be very happy to help you.

The traditional dress for men and women is called a Djellaba; a long, loose, hooded garment with full sleeves. Djellabas can come in three styles: Arab (large, flowing garments), Berber (with straighter lines) and Pasha (a two-piece garment worn for special events). Arab men also wear a red cap called Bernousse also called a Fez mostly for special events. Women wear Kaftans elaborately decorated in silver and gold beading and trim. Nearly all men wear Babouche, soft leather slippers with no heel, often in yellow. Many women do as well.

Djellaba is historical – old as Morocco itself. The major style distinction between a Djellaba and a Kaftan is that the Djellaba has a hood while a Kaftan does not. This hood is very important as it protects the wearer from the sun; in the desert, the hood is also used as a defense against sand being blown into the wearers' face by strong desert winds.   Modern Djellabas are quite fashionable and are being designed to appeal to foreigners and young Moroccan women living in cities. These fashionable Djellabas are often made of cotton, rayon or silk, and are woven with sequins, beads, and trim or large patterned designs. The Islamic religion of Morocco is also a key factor in the way that Moroccan people dress. The Djellaba covers the whole body and is therefore an acceptable modest outfit.  Nowadays, however, as the modernization flows have spread, Unlike elders, young Moroccan dress more fashionably.

Traditional Moroccan clothes


Traditional Moroccan Kaftan

Traditional Moroccan Clothes