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Transportation in and to Morocco.


We provide our clients convenient and comfortable means of transportation and experienced drivers that will fetch you from the arrival point, make your tour, and bring you back to the departure point with acceptable prices. Our goal is to help you to get the right transportation vehilce that suite the nature of your excursions a 4x4 jeep, for instance, is suitable for harsh environment or desert. But it may not be much suitable if you want to cross higher sand dunes. In the case of dunes, you may need to rent a camel or a horse. Generally, Unlike public transportation Tourist transportation is excellent in Morocco.


Here are available means of transportation in or to Morocco:


·Airlines :  Many different airlines manage international flights to Morocco cities mainly to Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakesh, Fez, Ourzazate, Tanger, and Nadour.   Traveling in Morocco by plane is available only between a few cities and is a more expensive means of transportation but it does save you time.

·By Boat: Do you have enough time and patience to wait? Are you thinking of bringing your car and family with you to spend your holiday in Morocco? Or are you a fond of water crossings? Perhaps you would like to take a ferry from Spain ?  All travels to Morocco by boat sails the Mediterranean Sea or Atlantic Ocean, which provides daily links between Europe, United States, Africa, and Asia.

·Train: Generally, train services in Morocco are comfortable, quick, reliable, and give you a chance to see cities and landscapes from the comfort of a railcar. Trains run between specific cities; such as Tangier, Casablanca,Rabat ,Marrakesh ,Fes, and Meknes. Services between Morocco and Algeria are unavailable at this time.


·4X4 Jeeps : Jeeps are suitable for traveling over rough or high terrain and crossing long distances. The"land-cruiser" and "Prado" are the most reliable in Morocco and are the most preferable travel option among tourist groups or individuals because of the durablity, speed, and luggage carrier. They also come equipped with an air-conditioner

·Bus and Minibus: Traveling by bus is less expensive and often safer in terms of travel conditions. Two kinds of tour buses are available in Morocco: The Mini-bus , fairly similar to 4x4 jeeps in quality, but are suitable only for groups (8-10 passengers) traveling on paved roads, and Tour buses which have a capacity up to 50 passengers plus their luggage. These buses are preferably for longer trips between cities.

·Rental cars and motorbikes: You may prefer to travel by motorbike or a rental car. Most cities have car rental locations, but it's imprtant to know that the gasoline prices in Morocco generally are high (but less than Europe and USA).

            If you desire to bring your own personal transportation with you to Morocco,     boat services are available to carry your car, motorbike, bike, and luggage from your country to a Moroccan seaports generally Casablanca, Tangier, and Nador.

·Animals: Camels and Horses are available to start your trek across the magnificent sand dunes. You can get a Camel Treks in groups to cross long and short distance through Sahara, but you can only get a horse ride in specific areas and it is more expensive than Camel Trek.