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     Fes is one of the amazing imperial cities of Morocco that attracts thousands of visitors. The city has an enormously complicated history. It embraces  three  towns: The old walled town “El Bali” (medina), “Jadid" that encompasses ‘‘Mellah’’ (old Jews' casbah), and the new city, “the Nouvelle Ville’’ that has French architecture style. The "old medina" in Fès El Bali boasts a large lively traditional market (souk), and nice monumental architectures which mark Fes as a  preferable and famous tourist location in Morocco. Many westerners own traditional buildings in the Fes medina such as castles, riads and old homes, they either repair the buldings to live in or spend their vacations, or turn it into hosting homes for tourists. The old medina also boasts "Al-Karaouine University  built in middle of 8th century, which is  the oldest university in the world and is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site. The magic of Fes can be seen in the famous mosques of Al-Andalus and Al-Qarawiyin, the  famous Nejjarine yard, Marmoreal fountain , Dar Al Magan, Dar El-Makhzen, Bab-ftouh,  Zaouiah Moulay Idriss II, and  Aben Danan Synagogue built in the 17th century. A visit to these sites must be considerd when you are visiting fez city.





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Leather tannery fes

Fes Medina

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Bab ftouh

Dar El-makhzen

Royal place

Fes street fountains